Ten Guidelines for Senior Ministers

1. Admit you are a senior minister!  In many cultures those over fifty are highly esteemed.  Look for ways to honour those who are older than you, setting an example for the younger generation.

2. Assess your past and prepare for the future.  Consider how God has provided spiritually for you and determine now to continue your relationship with Him.

3. Avail yourself of education regarding health issues.  Some communities and medical centres provide free screenings and classes to keep you aware of symptoms and treatment before they become serious.

4. Accompany older senior adults to activities and doctors’ visits.  Your help is invaluable to them, and you will learn from their experiences how to enhance your own life as a senior minister.

5. Allow yourself to set new priorities and commitments.  Determine what is important to you and approach these ideals with a renewed commitment of achievement.

6. Account for your financial status and goals.  Examine your insurance policies, bank accounts, wills, and trusts and decide what you can do to enhance your finances for the future.

7. Attend activities provided by your church and community.  Fellowship with others stimulates the mind and eliminates self-pity.

8. Approach others and encourage them to attend senior adult activities.  You will add to your circle of friends and benefit both you and them.  If you church doesn’t have such an activity why not start one?

9. Analyze anxieties and give them to God.  His assurance of care and peace allows you to mature spiritually.

10. Anticipate all God has for you as a senior minister and be aware of the blessing you can be to others.


One Comment on “Ten Guidelines for Senior Ministers”

  1. ken healey Says:

    very timely when so many do not make plans for their future


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