One Prime Timer to Another

By Ernest Anderson 

An account is given of one prime timer meeting another and having a worthwhile input into his life at a crucial time.   Jethro, the father in law of Moses, felt it imperative to move in on his son in law to demonstrate some vital factors that would be of invaluable service:

  • He made Moses accept his responsibility of his own wife and family
  • He was genuinely concerned about the well being of his son in law
  • He rejoiced when he heard of all that the Lord had wrought through him
  • He enjoyed fellowshipping with God and others on this occasion
  • He discerned that there was an emerging problem that required attention
  • He gave sound advice asto how a better form of government should be exercised
  • He knew when his task was finished and returned to his homeland.

One Comment on “One Prime Timer to Another”

  1. kenhealey Says:

    Moses learned to share the load and so work better, and released others into they God given service.
    Moses was humble enough to take advice (from a black minister)

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