Primetimers’ Ministry

Senior ministers in Assemblies of God and other churches do not cease to have a powerful and inspiring ministry just because they reach the ripe old age of 65 (or more)!

We are planning to record the ministry of our senior brethren as and when this is possible and bring it to a wider audience here.

To listen to the message, simply click on the title.

Messages recorded at the Scarborough Holiday Sept. 2009.

Ernest Anderson:   Christian Fellowship

George Brunton:  Keep Digging

Keith Munday: Guardians of the Fire

Alan Hocking: Getting ready to win

David Skelton: Seniors Finishing Strong

David Womersley: Psalm 71

Dennis Robson:  Turning the world upside down

Ernest Weston: The inevitable & the renewable

Keith Monument: (recorded at N.W. Primetimers) “This same Jesus”.  Keith Monument mp3


One Comment on “Primetimers’ Ministry”

  1. Michael Tapp Says:

    Great to hear some of these Ambassadors of AOG.Saved and nurtured under such ministry,has put one in very good stead for these latter years.Now retired and still ministering amongst the ex-pat community in Spain,indebted to such men of faith.A big thankyou.Every blessing.Michael Tapp.

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