Primetimers at the AoG Conference

Well, Conference has been and gone. The ministry was of course excellent and it was good to see folk again, some of whom I hadn’t seen for quite some time.However, one thing that did affect us as Prime Timers is the fact that P.T. is now an official department in Assemblies of God. Hopefully, this means that other regions will begin to take P.T. seriously, and those ministers and missionaries who have not yet joined in the fun may now feel able to do so. We had two very good meetings at Blackpool  although numbers were not too high, due probably to the ‘competition’.    Alan Hewitt was running a Bible Study Series and Suzette Hattingh was running a seminar on prayer.   Both were well supported of course.  Our first meeting we were literally competing with Susette Hattingh who was holding a prayer seminar in the next room.  Since she is not one to talk quietly, and there were only swing doors between us  and them, you can imagine the problems we had!  

Next day we were moved to a much better location.  We had two great meetings nevertheless.   

One thing about Prime Timers – we always have a good laugh!  And laughs there were a plenty those two days.     We had good ministry and information about things that are going on around the country.   More and more regions are catching the vision and it was good to hear of the blessing that Prime Timers is being to so many who are retired or on the verge of retiring.

Keep visiting this site to keep up to date with what is happening in Prime Timers!

e anderson preaching

E Anderson ministering at Conference Primetimers.hilarity

Primetimers ALWAYS have a good time! (Lots of laughs)


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