Ernestby Ernest Anderson 

It is good to be able to report that the national Assemblies of God Fellowship have now accepted Prime Timers as an integral and essential arm of its ministry. This was endorsed at its annual General Conference held this year in Blackpool.  It is over four years ago that Christ placed this burden and concern upon my wife and I that something ought to exist within Assemblies of God that expressed true care for ministers and missionaries and their spouses when they felt the necessity to surrender leadership both at home and abroad.

We did not believe that it was God’s desire or will that they should disappear from the scene and their ministry and fellowship come to an end. We sensed that God had invested their lives over the years with so much that He did not want such to go to waste. In fact, we believed it should become a most pleasurable and profitable period of life where much good could be birthed and accrue. 

The East Pennine Region became supportive of our vision and so Prime Timers was initiated. It has been a delight to see it steadily grow and become a national factor. One or two regions are now adopting it and this thrills us, but we know there is yet a lot to be done to aid a vast amount of people in this bracket. It is said that in the immediate years ahead there will be many more that will find themselves similarly placed hence the need to have an effective ministry in this area. It is hoped that we shall be able to visit and meet people all over the country in regional gatherings where we will be able share our vision and care.  

We now have this web site, Prime Timers, overseen by Pastor Alan Hocking, who is committed to this ministry. It is our desire to make this informative, inspiring and helpful and we would welcome material for the site from all within our Fellowship that find themselves in the retired status. There is something that you can contribute that will make this a growing and going ministry that will bless countless others. 

During the first week in September, we hold a holiday and ministry time together at the seaside resort of Scarborough in a comfortable hotel. It has been running for four years and has proved to be a source of tremendous blessing to many. We gladly invite you to join us. If you require more information please contact Pastor Ken Healey on 01302/864814 or Email him –  

If I can be of any service to you in order to assist any way, please give me a ring on 01709/371008 or Email me on   I will be delighted to chat with you and help you in any way possible. 

In closing, one of the ministries that Prime Timers can find themselves involved in and committed to and in is to extend a patriarchal blessing. The Lord revealed to me in South Africa that this was a service one could render to the body of Christ at this point of age. Having been blessed by Him over the years one had the right through Him of blessing others, especially the young. May you know a gifting and ministry here at this time in life. Meanwhile, The Lord bless you and cause the years of your retirement to be greatly useful and make you fruitful in every way.   

Pastor Ernest Anderson



  1. primetimers Says:

    Yes, this is the Ernie you knew. He would like to talk to you. He has tried to contact you without success. Can you contact him direct; or tel no. 01709 371008. God Bless you!

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