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By Ernest Anderson – Chairman of prime Timers


It is just over six years ago, along with Joan, my wife, that the Lord implanted within me a real desire to help in a positive way retired ministers and missionaries and their spouses in the later part of their lives, ministry and service.


This was communicated to our East Pennine Region Fellowship in 2003 and so the task was given to us to do something to bring this about in our area. They kindly gave me a good sum of money to get it off to a good start. So in the month of May that year we held our first get-together, which proved successful. The will was born that we meet on a bi-monthly basis for fellowship, ministry and a meal together provided by various churches.


It is good to report that there has been no waning on the part of those within this group. We are as strong as ever and are increasing year by year. Our Superintendent, John Morgan, suggested we call ourselves ‘Prime Timers’ in line with our sister fellowship, Assemblies of God in America. The name actually sums up what we are in God: we are both primed and timed by Him to serve Him, each other and the Fellowship at an important time of our lives. We also include in our get-togethers, good elders and their wives, who have served local assemblies well, and widows, too. No one is forgotten.


Paul Weaver, along with the National Leadership Team, desired that it should find greater expression in our Fellowship as a whole. Two years ago we were given national recognition and we seek to serve the whole body of Assemblies of God. We now have a group of older pastors and their wives looking at this matter and endeavour to arrange what can be done through the regions to inspire and aid those who reach this stage of life. We are indebted to Pastor Alan Hocking for opening a Prime Timers website and we look to others to help make this site most effective.


I have already visited three regions to present Prime Timers and have been greatly welcomed. Another three are lined up in the forthcoming months. There is a definite interest in this and it is our desire to see it expand much further. Whilst delighted with the progress so far, we know much more can be done. At least four regions are making honest efforts and we would support what is being done. Of course, we are open to suggestions to how we can improve so that the full potential can be released through this body of people.


For the past four years we have held a successful five-day holiday and ministry at Scarborough. It has been well attended, the ministry and fellowship has been superb. It is planned to go again this year from September 7th -11th. Please contact Pastor Ken Healey if you want more details: 01302/864814. Leaflets are available that give a tremendous amount of information regarding Prime Timers and they are available from me – 01709/371008.



Welcome to Primetimers

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Welcome to Primetimers! On this web siteyou can find news about what is happening with Senior Assemblies of God ministers and missionaries in the UK.

Please visit the various pages and sub pages. The site will be continually upgraded with the latest news and helpful hints and information as these become available.

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God Bless you!

Alan and Claire Hocking